Exports of Lebanese Mouneh & Foodstuff


Cargomaster is the entrusted logistics partner for the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most of the exhibitions organized by various Ministries in Lebanon (including but not limited to the Ministries of Economy and the Ministries of Agriculture) are fully handled by Cargomaster since 2018.

Cargomaster already delivered exhibition material to Switzerland, Germany, France, Hungary and China. We handle the full pick-up, consolidation, packing, labeling, documentation, customs clearance and approvals on door-to-door basis.

In April 2019, Cargomaster Levant Express partnered with Action Cargo to clear and deliver cargo in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. 2 separate shipments were dispatched including foodstuff such as olive oil, wine, pickles, spices, canned food, etc. Cargo was sent for exhibition and tasting purposes so we arranged clearance as Diplomatic Cargo. It was an extensive list of hundreds of HS codes with different permits and laboratory analysis.


Shipment was successfully delivered ahead of time thanks to the pro-active coordination between Cargomaster Levant Express and Action Cargo. It wasn’t an easy job as it required constant monitoring at both ends specially taking into consideration the strict Customs Requirements both in Lebanon and Brazil.

All cargo arrived in excellent condition and both exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo were a success. It allowed Cargomaster to get closer to the trade between both countries as it opened new opportunities with both manufactures at origin and sellers at destination.

This is another success story of Cargomaster!