"The way we move your cargo today has a direct impact on where your business will land tomorrow." The most elementary role of the international freight forwarder is to arrange for the movement of goods from point A to point B in the most economical, timely and safe fashion. Nevertheless, nowadays movements are more complex, that's why you need a reliable partner. The expertise LET can provide is that of being familiar with the carriers, port operations, port facilities, cargo handling, documentation, licenses needed and of being able to advise which carrier, port and equipment is appropriate for a particular cargo along with the necessary costing. It is knowledge of the facilities and those who handle the product, rather than knowledge of the product itself which is important when cargo is concerned.
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We handle mixed dimensions and weights, capacity restrictions, aircraft/container hold dimensions and all the regulations concerning weight limitations, loading and transshipment at transfer points. We master complex regulations and have detailed knowledge of the many miscellaneous fees and charges which are part of moving goods by air, sea and land.

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