On the 4th of August 1985, the first export groupage shipment left Beirut. It was handled by us. (A first in the history of Lebanese transport industry). Since then, we continued all export and services without interruption. Each year, more and more destinations are added.

Groupage applies to a shipment which does not justify the exclusive use of its own container. In many cases, cargo will only occupy a small part of a container so we will combine it with another customer and we will debit freight charges according to its volume. A groupage shipment contains goods from two or more suppliers so it brings considerable cost savings since total expenses are shared by several suppliers.

It is not enough to have the service; groupage requires a constant turnover of cargo to ensure regular loadings and departures. LET guarantees weekly sailings from and to major ports around the world. Another important aspect is the safety of your cargo because it will be mixed with various other goods of different sizes and shapes. For full control, we operate our own staff and equipment for de-vanning and stuffing groupage containers in Beirut Port. | Copyright 2015 Levant Express Transport SAL