International merchandise must always pass through one or many customs offices before it reaches its destination. Customs Clearance consists of declaring the entry/exit of goods into a certain political territory to its customs authorities. The clearing of cargo and its physical movement are two separate functions yet they are closely intertwined. Basic knowledge on how customs clearance works, and what papers are required for it, is necessary.

For the clearance of goods in a foreign country, LET is very often called upon to prepare the required documents, such as consular or customs invoices, packing lists, certificates, etc. We know what each country requires or where to obtain this information.

Fortunately, we're well versed in the handling of all local and Middle-Eastern customs, and our network of trusted partners are all experienced in the customs of their own region, so merchandise usually passes swiftly between countries and virtually untouched. | Copyright 2015 Levant Express Transport SAL