Handling and moving goods is a highly technical matter. Levant Express needs a considerable amount of commercial knowledge covering product distribution at every stage, from manufacturing, to marketing and final sale. LET understands complex legal and documentary requirements and is aware of the physical conditions prevalent in a multitude of markets around the globe.

We handle mixed dimensions and weights, capacity restrictions, aircraft/container hold dimensions and all the regulations concerning weight limitations, loading and transshipment at transfer points. We master complex regulations and have detailed knowledge of the many miscellaneous fees and charges which are part of moving goods by air, sea and land.

We recognize legal complexities affecting the right of disposition of the goods, as well as insurance coverage and procedures in case of damage or loss, and all the licensing regulations in different parts of the world.

Finally, LET must have all of this information at its fingertips for immediate use. Cargo movement is a hard commercial enterprise with considerable scope for error and abounding opportunities for small mistakes which can quite easily escalate into near disasters. When it comes to shipping goods, a lot of ground has to be covered in order to get the job done. We regularly have to take care of many smaller tasks and offer other basic services, without which shipments wouldn't arrive home.

Some cargoes require more care than others. Some also need constant attention and monitoring.

Levant Express Transport has had a long history of handling delicate merchandise and we became specialists in the field. We handle merchandise with careful treatment, abiding by safety measures and regulations, so that they reach their destination in the best conditions, without tampering, and in the complete safety of the transporter and the end client.

We provide our clients with our trusted expertise, sound advice, and counsel them on the ad-hoc logistics. If you need to transport special type of merchandise, we'll get the job done!

We are asked to study costs, routes, compare solutions and then make a quotation. They must be accurate, logical and presented well enough to convince you that LET is the forwarder who should handle the business.

In nowadays fast paced economy, information travels very fast so LET has full visibility over your cargo to ensure deadlines are respected. We work all around the clock monitoring your goods and are proud to update you along the way. Communication and follow ups are top priorities.

On many occasions, manufacturers or traders have been shipping their goods in a certain way but need new solutions to be more cost effective, offer shorter lead time to their customers, penetrate new markets, etc… Some other times, a customary route may no longer be acceptable for a variety of reasons: weather conditions, destruction of a facility by fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc., congestion, strikes, riots, etc... LET will find the alternative!

As in all business, certain knowledge of the law is essential. You must know the forwarder's liabilities in case of loss, damage or delay, as well as those of the carriers, terminals, and other parties who may have a hand in transportation.

When we thought of the phrase that describes the function of a freight forwarder, we were reminded of the role of an architect who must know many things which go into the construction of a building. And so we say: the forwarder is THE ARCHITECT OF TRANSPORT.

LET offers services in connection with the movement of goods. Some of the more usual services are listed below:

providing facilities for the acceptance or collection of export shipments from clients;

preparing the documentation, i.e. completing consignment notes, including all charges thereon, and ensuring that invoices and commercial documentation meet all the requirements for movement;

checking that export licenses (at point of departure) and import licenses (at destination) are all in order and comply fully with government regulations in each country;

ensuring that packing certificates are supplied by exporters of hazardous or restricted articles, in compliance with IATA and government regulations;

arranging carriage and booking space with carriers and scheduling delivery of the goods to the sea/airport;

arranging insurance coverage for clients.

monitoring door-to-door movements

giving pre-advice of arrival, so that the importer can be made aware of the shipment before it actually arrives at the point of destination

arranging customs documentation and clearance formalities at the point of entry/exit. | Copyright 2015 Levant Express Transport SAL